sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2008

treinando cor

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treino e abuso...hihihih

vejam o blog ouvindo poem to the hospital ( passage ) driadores da música Duck 'N' Cover tema na trilha sonora da propaganda da kuat alguem aí não viu eita vê lá rapa é "da hora "

4 comentários:

bog_art disse...

It looks really good man!!.. I want to see it finished.. you did an amazing job in your last post too.. I have been working in something similar, I will post it soon.. ah, I almost forget, that "Sobe ou Desce?" is awesome!!.. I thought it was a photo at the first sight.. congratulations!!..

EVA disse...

Thanks for your visit..
No he entendido este post..¿que has estado en el hospital?

jeremy melton disse...

Beautifully done man. Cant wait to se it finished. Excellent work as always!

Mirella disse...

Hola! Un saludo! Very nice^^